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7 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Experience with Chatbots

Chatbots allowed by the machine learning have a sharp and quick learning curve than any human. When anything needs to be updated, they don’t need continuous training in comparison to human beings. AI-powered chatbots are used where the pull and push abilities need to be used in the right direction. Employee Engagement is not a discussion about surveys, it is the discussion to understand the employee and make them feel relaxing at their workplaces. To accomplish great employee experience cannot be the senior management’s responsibility, engagement takes place from far and wide. It becomes real only when every employee is encouraged to take the action via a digital self-service atmosphere. It induces an engagement tool to have the capability to communicate with every employee and work in the right direction to build a community. An employee engagement bot functions properly on examining peers, create trustworthiness programs, and engage the employee through conversions.

1. Recruitment

Recruitment process mainly depends upon regular employer candidate communication through various channels such as emails, text messages, and social media. AI-enabled recruitment chatbots can imitate human conversational abilities to act together with the candidates and offer them instant feedback assisting to make a strong relationship with the candidates. Chatbots also assist screen and match the candidates to their job profiles.

2. Learning and development:

In the age of interruption, skills are the particular qualities of employers. When hiring candidates with the right skill is the first business priority, developing employee skills in the company is also vital. By adding into the learning and development procedure can boost learning outcomes. So, in the era of on-demand learning, chatbots are very necessary. Chatbots can provide the correct information, whenever employees are required.

3. Governance & Confidentiality

AI-powered Chatbots are programmed to stick on the policies and preserve the privacy of both the company and the employee in the communication.

4. Administration, Extraction & Reporting

Conversions and communications are the major reasons that allure the HR union in improving the employee experience. However, chatbots completely support HP managers just by completing the removal of documents, administrative operations, and reporting capabilities based on the details collected from the conversions.

5. Acceleration to Human guided Hierarchies

Nearly 50% management problems are resolved by the chatbots. Management interaction needs the help of a human agent, which escalates automatically by the chatbots, whenever compulsory.

6. HR service delivery

Complex policies and procedures, and frameworks are unlikable but the most vital parts of HR function. AI-powered chatbots can assist HR teams to converse this detail automatically. Chatbots necessarily make HR more accessible to the employees.  The most common questions about PTO, employee benefits, and scheduling can be directed to the chatbots for fast and personalized concerns.

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7. Encourage smooth communication in your company

For better employee engagement, you should start smooth, clear and accurate communication.  It raises everyone’s version. It may be better understood responsive HR team. It will benefit employees/managers, who can get follow up feeds on the questions asked and replies given in the real-time.