5 Reasons Why Response Rates of Customer Feedback Surveys Low? - Xane AI
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5 Reasons Why Response Rates of Customer Feedback Surveys Low?

The customer satisfaction survey is important for every business and of course retaining an existing customer is more important than getting a new customer. Every business needs a smart survey for knowing their inaccuracy & slips. Even after spending more money customers slip away from their service. Nowadays, customer satisfaction surveys are necessary for improving relations.

What are the common issues that can be a result of low survey rate?

  1. Lack of Personality

Most survey recipients are common for their individual information within an email, like their name and organization’s name, are filled out an automated process. But it still in confusion whether there will be a response or not from the customers. Customers see their own name, it is important to increase the personality of your survey. Try to send a survey from an individual id that recipient can recognize as a person because recipients are getting a lot of emails every day from different mail ids with which they are unfamiliar. This results that they will probably ignore that feedback email. We suggest you not to send survey mail from “NO REPLY” mail address & try customer feedback with Chatbots which helps in a high response rate.

  1. Poor Subject Lines

Your participants first read your subject line before open the mail, because this is the only content which they read before opening the mail. You must take care in that area, which your subject line is appropriate to put an impression, and that should be informative and initiative.

Like “ABC company survey” this subject line might not able to get recipient’s attraction because the first thing comes into mind that, it could take a huge time and unnecessary. But if your subject line is like “Improve your experience for ABC company in the 10-second survey only” that will get the benefit. People will show their interest. And make sure that your emails are not received in the spam folder of your customer’s mailbox.


  1. Survey Timing

Most people do not want to take a long time for surveys – A lot of unnecessary questions and poor answer templates may cause quitting participants in the middle of the survey, and they might not show any interest in your future surveys. Sending frequently survey emails too many users can because of survey fatigue.

  1. Selection of the Wrong Recipient

Selecting the wrong recipients for sending survey mail is the big mistake. Recipients must be your closed contact and who can give the right decision. For new existing customers survey process should be in short shape. Not following up the customer reviews is another reason for customers lack interest. People have a busy schedule, they do not follow the mail and it is being stored one by one in recipient’s mailbox, the company must inform them by calling or sending them reminder mail about the survey.

  1. Thank You Message

After completing the survey by users, there should be a perfect closure like “We have successfully received your mail, thanks for your important feedback. We will get you back soon”. It encourages the recipient for taking part in a future survey because customers want to know about the necessity of their feedback from the company voice.