Why Chatbots are a Great Tool for Customer Surveys? - Xane AI
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Why Chatbots are a Great Tool for Customer Surveys?

ChatBots! Have you ever heard about this term? It is actually an application that does conversation on behalf of the organization in the absence of human activity. Chatbot connect with the person directly as to know what’s on his/her mind!

How do Chatbots work for Customer Surveys?

Chatbots just sounds like robots who perform various activities for human needs similarly chatbots connects with humans to know their feedback. But that also depends on what purpose we want chatbots to work upon? Xane AI Chatbot is the live example of automated artificial intelligence to reduce the human workload.

Chatbot is an automated service for feedback that reverts instantly. Have you ever received a text regarding the online feedback form of the organization for which you are working? Feedback can be related to your office cafeteria, your office environment, your subordinates, and supervisor.

People usually don’t revert to those texts which are sent to you by the organization for any feedback with a thought as nothing would happen on their reviews. Whereas Chatbot is the engine which keeps the users engaged with live chats that match the standards of humans as whatever they speak or revert via text is concluded by the chatbots as they are connected with the database and the replies or feedback which is different from the formats directly passes to the higher level.

It is not necessary that chatbot will be connecting with you for the feedback of your company. Feedbacks may be related even if you contact any of the companies where chatbots are facilitated e.g chatbots for employee engagement. As the best instance of a chatbot is “Google”. You can connect via voice or via chat that assists you in any way by the time you get satisfied with the answers. It has now become the practice in many exciting ways of revealing feedbacks by many of the companies from their customers, clients, and employees. Chatbots are virtual assistance.

We have “Disha” for IRCTC rail service and the other one is “Eva” chatbot of HDFC bank. They are helpful for any kind of transactions and communication. In other words, you are talking to a chatbot who is acting as a live human. Although there are no human interactions as you are a conversation at the first level which is more than chatting like a human? However, if required they escalate your calls, texts to the next level. As they minimize the workload of human beings or they can focus on the other things simultaneously.

The most important thing about the chatbots is that they are not just limited for taking feedbacks or giving resolutions. They act as your friend as you hardly recognize that is that really a bot or human? That entertains you and answers you to your satisfaction instead of those bore feedback links and messages and also saves a lot of time. It is a platform for real-time reviews. With the increase in feedbacks more and, more companies are launching the chatbots as instant actions can be taken for the betterment of the company and clients or customers.