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Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated at Workplace

Keep Your Employees Motivated: One of the most valuable skills a manager should possess is the capability of keeping his employees motivated, engaged and challenged. If a person is pushed towards coming to the office every day, it implies that the organization and managers are doing their efforts well. If you are able to acquire the right team, it becomes an indispensable part of your job to extract the best out of them, along with keeping them engaged and happy. It is only then that the organization would be able to grow and simultaneously fulfill its goals. However, if you fail to motivate your employees, you might receive unsolicited results. Moreover, your business will be surrounded by constant chaos and misunderstandings, and you may also lose your best employees.

Checklist for Keeping Employees Happy and Fulfilled is as follows:-

Provide supportive leadership

It is always better to work with a person who is considerate, cooperative and supportive rather than with someone who is cold and hostile. A supportive leader attempts to yield focused and stress-free employees in the workplace. Such a leader keeps all the members of the team at the same place and gives them equal opportunity to contribute to a project or decision. He also helps to build and maintain interpersonal relationships and is most likely to win employees’ loyalty.

Promote Teamwork

No matter if you build or invent, you cannot fulfil your goals without the help of people. It is thus important to have a real sense of unity among the team members so that they work collaboratively to be able to fulfil professional goals together.

Including Employees in Big Decisions

Bringing employees on-board in instances of making big decisions, help to build loyalty and strengthening a relationship with each employee. When the employees are given a chance to voice their opinions, they feel encouraged and motivated.

Regular Feedback from the Employees

Effective feedback from employees is really important in an organization as it serves as a method for the managers and employees to see what is working well and what’s not. The actions taken by the management on receiving feedback make employees believe in these systems.
Xane, the chatbot aims at providing qualitative feedback using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and rewards work as a strong motivator for the employees to work harder. For instance, the brand like McDonald’s chooses ‘Employee for the month’ so as to encourage their workers to give their best. Incentives are also an important part of employee rewards which is given if the employee gives an extraordinary performance.

Casual Fridays

In the week, there should be a fixed day on which the workplace is not as formal as it is for the rest of the days. Employees can be given the liberty to dress casually, or ordering lunch from outside. Activities such as little matches could be held so as to keep employees contented and engaged.