The Xane Effect - Impact of Integration of XANE on Business Performance - Xane AI
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The Xane Effect – Impact of Integration of XANE on Business Performance

The elemental drivers of economic expansion have been technological innovations. Companies as diverse as Walmart, UPS, and Uber found ways to edge the technology by transforming their processes to create profitable new business models. Artificial Intelligence has the capability of making a transformational impact that helps to improve and organize existing workflows and business processes.

Xane AI – the engagement & feedback chatbot has an ability to provide authentic feedback of the employees to the managers so as to create an amalgamate work environment. It is an effective medium through which more transparency can be built among the various stakeholders.

The various ways through which the Xane effect can impact execution of business are:

Transparency among all the levels

It is very important to embrace transparency among the various stakeholders as transparent leadership is the key to stimulating a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. Employees who are kept in the loop and made to feel that they are heard to are more likely to put their trust in their employer. Eventually, problems are solved faster. Xane as a bot tries to build such transparent relationships to foster business performance.

Increase in Employee Engagement and Productivity

Xane gives a solution to bridge the gap between employee grievances and management actions, which eventually increases employee engagement. Employee engagement and productivity are closely related. Employees who are engrossed in their job and are in sync with the employer are more productive because they are propelled by personal factors.

Higher Retention

Retaining your most valued customers is an important issue for most organizations nowadays. The reason for lower retention is due to unsatisfied employees, the dissatisfaction which may be because of a lot of reasons.

Retention can be increased by upholding a smooth work environment. Xane helps in retention immensely. Employees are given a chance to take their own stand and discuss their problems, with a belief that their issues would be catered.

Better Organizational Culture

Simply stated, organizational culture is “the way things are done around here” (Deal & Kennedy, 2000). The behavior of the stakeholders highly depends on the embedded and established the culture, which can help employees achieve their goals. This framework, in turn, ensures greater job satisfaction when an employee discerns that a leader is helping him or her complete a goal.

Overall Productivity of the Business

The propensity of an organization to consume its available resources to be able to produce profitable goods or services as desired by customers or clients is termed as Business Productivity. Dedicated leaders, engaged and retained workforce, and a strong organizational culture is all that takes an organization to be productive and to sustain for long in the market.