Is the Covid-19 Pandemic propelling a new wave of Automation? - Xane AI
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Is the Covid-19 Pandemic propelling a new wave of Automation?

Is the Covid-19 Pandemic propelling a new wave of Automation?

Covid-19 is a global pandemic. It is the biggest barrier the world has faced in decades. It has affected the lives of people on an unparalleled level. In a short period, it has affected every industry in the world and changed the direction of the development of companies. The current outbreak has had serious economic results over the globe, and it doesn’t appear as though any nation will be unaffected. This not only has ramifications for the economy but has influenced the entire society which has prompted changes in how organizations act and consumers behave. Even before the appearance of Covid-19 and the unexpected monetary emergency, numerous companies were interested in automation however didn’t really have a strong motivation to commence & getting ahead with its adoption.

However, creativity and development have not been thwarted by the pandemic. With the strict norms of social distancing, work from home, the limited workforce at the premises, and heavy reliance on virtual communication & collaboration, companies have started to explore options and technologies they can leverage in order to handle their operations efficiently even while working remotely. With this wave, the entire market conduct has been influenced by the pandemic in manners that will spur the development and advancement of automation and artificial intelligence.


Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an inevitable part of every business model. They are transforming businesses and will contribute to economic growth. AI is focused on research in computer science that looks at how the workings of human intelligence can be imitated. To recognize patterns, it uses strong algorithms that digest large quantities of data. The AI trend examines how leading businesses facilitate human-AI collaboration, putting together the almost infinite capabilities of AI with the ability of people to direct and refine ideas. 


Over the coming years, elements of AI will be incorporated into practically every single digital process. Xane AI is a B2B AI platform that is aimed at transforming the user experience. It helps organizations reduce the cost to service by providing Do-it-Yourself diagnostics using our proprietary algorithm amalgamating Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. It allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate their automation specifications. The platform personalizes, standardizes and revolutionizes the interaction experience. 


Xane AI assists companies in building customized customer experiences and ultimately help them minimize costs and improve operational productivity by automating their business processes. During the pandemic, Xane AI Platform has been able to develop a number of use cases in order to accelerate automation processes in a diverse variety of industries. The automation revolution has helped companies optimize their cost along with streamlining processes helping them in enhancing customer experience and brand recognition.

The harm from pandemic-prompted lockdowns, office, and school closures, and consumer retrenchment keeps on resonating through the economy. However, the crises have triggered organizations confronting options in acclimating to what earlier seemed like numerous perpetual changes.

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world in a short time, it is leading enterprises to contemplate the need for automation. If companies want to thrive in the post-pandemic economy, a shift to AI would make it necessary for business organizations to adjust their operating models. This is a time for a revolution, and the reliance on automation will have long-term implications that would help India become a global superpower.