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Innovative Employee Engagement Practices

Employee engagement practices: Employee engagement is more of a mindset rather than a practice. At the core of employee engagement, are some values and beliefs. These values determine the culture of the organization. In today’s settings, you’re building your company’s brand both internally as well as externally. Before designing these practices one should be clear about the purpose of the same.

Employee engagement practices is not an exact science. Companies usually spend their resources on the external branding front and hence neglect their internal environment, failing to provide an engaging, challenging and appealing workplace.
Employee engagement practices
To keep employees happy and satisfied let‘s look into a few ways:
Have team pictures
Have pictures with your teams and get them framed. Place these pictures on the office wall or in your cabin. These pictures can be of festive celebrations, birthdays, official lunches or dinners. The more candid the pictures, the better.
Family/Pet day
Have family or pet day at least once in a quarter, wherein employees and get their families to interact with one another. This is a much-underestimated employee engagement practice which employers often neglect.
Employee engagement practices
Find Innovation and support it!
It is very important to find innovation in your organization and encourage the same. When people feel challenged, they feel important and hence are engaged more in whatever they do.
Surprise weekly offs for your employees
Nothing beats a surprise weekly off! There is nothing that excites an employee more than this. However, this should not be done more than twice a year.
Employee engagement practices
Power of feedback
Feedback is crucial to an organization. While giving feedback, people usually feel disinterested. There is a need to make feedback more interactive as well as eliminate the traditional lengthy process to make it more interesting so that employees provide their genuine evaluation.