How can Xane help in preventing sexual harassment in workplace- Xane
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How Xane Can Help in Preventing of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Preventing Sexual harassment: Did you know? Supreme Court of India has made it mandatory for companies with more than 10 employees to have a sexual harassment committee in the workplace for Preventing Sexual harassment.

As laid down by the Supreme Court of India:

“The Sexual Harassment Act requires an employer to set up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at each office or branch has more than 10 employees of any gender. The government is in turn required to set up a Local Complaints Committees (LCC) at the district level to investigate complaints regarding sexual harassment from establishments where the ICC has not been constituted on account of the establishment having less than 10 employees or if the complaint is against the employer.”

Preventing Sexual harassment

In 1997, the Supreme Court passed a landmark judgment in the same Vishaka case laying down guidelines to be followed by establishments in dealing with complaints about sexual harassment.


Xane AI is helping organizations in Preventing Sexual harassment, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. To know more about it, visit our website to schedule a demo with us.