How to Retain Talented Employees? - Xane AI
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How to Retain Talented Employees?

Retain talented employees: Businesses always have to look for the next best thing to sustain for a longer time in the marketplace. And, it can only be possible if they have great talent in their workplace. Since HR has to put their efforts and time to hire the high potential employees possible for the organization, it is a basic need to retain that talent for a long time in the organization. But when it comes to employee retention, it becomes the struggle for many businesses.

Retain talented employees for an organization is always critical to business success because turn-over costs are higher & also the competition for high performing employees is severe. There are so many factors to retain employees where you can show that your talent management process encourages employee progression and personal growth. They also need to promote their work as an ideal location for top talent to do great work which emphasizes a business culture that supports their organization’s values.
Retain talented employees
Employees also need to see that there are opportunities for career development and progression, hear praise for their work, and feel that they are encouraged to do their best. Below are the areas in which frequent employee complaints usually:
  • Lack of clarity about expectations & earning potential.
  • Lack of feedback about performance.
  • Failure to provide a framework within which the employee perceives he/she can succeed.
Check out these 4 helpful tips on how to retain great talent in the organization:

Invest in Employee Learning & Development

The organization should work for the opportunities to learn and grow in employee’s careers, knowledge, and skill. Now a day, many organizations are coming up with a structure where an employee can touch many facets of the organization, from sales to marketing, to customer service. A career-oriented, valued employee must experience growth opportunities within your organization, this will help organization & employees both in career development.

Improve Manager & Employee Relationships

“People leave managers, not companies. If you have a turnover problem, look first at your managers,” Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman wrote in First, Break All the Rules.
Most of the time employees leave the organization because of management issues. So, it is very important to improve manager & employee relationship with an innovative product suite called Xane. Xane is an AI chatbot for employee engagement & feedback aimed at revolutionizing ‘People experience’ in organizations can be used for increasing employee engagement and retention. Xane regularly interacts with Employees, HR business partners and managers for gauging engagement levels, sentiments and provides actionable insights using Machine Learning for the top management so as to create a cohesive work environment.
Retain talented employees

Recognize and Reward good work.

Employees must feel rewarded, recognized and appreciated all the time whenever they achieve their targets. Monetary bonuses are a good idea to encourage an employee. They need to feel that their contributions are actually important to the organization.

Encourage Flexibility

Nowadays, employees want mobility and flexibility in the workplace. Remote working options, flexible hours, work from home option these are the options which result in a happier & productive environment.