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Computer Engineering Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Computer Engineering Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Blog by Oluwasegun Oke

Computer Engineering owes prominent areas of discoveries, core-based reasoning concepts, and complex mathematical practicalities to Artificial Intelligence since much of its AI-inspired research foundation was laid down in the 1950s. Providing a large scale capacity for engineers involved to carry out inbound roadmaps that vastly exceeds what computer-based programs are able to store, identify with patterns, plan, the process effectively, and make decisions, based on its ability to automate self-learning and follow new strategies accurately, without human intervention, as an aggregation of properties, and direct influences of Artificial Intelligence.

In this post, I will branch out for the many ways Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized various aspects of computer engineering, by improving additional means of designing certain components, developing advanced and better applicable models of future designs, based on logical techniques, that create boundless opportunities, for mere fictional ideas to attract genuine interest, assuming real-life entity status, with practical modes and characters, all through the ability of AI to programs more interactive, and original, with a humanoid empath, which scientists intend to replicate on subjects, and make our daily routines part if a large project, that machines can execute.

The following are the computer engineering applications that Artificial Intelligence has thoroughly enshrined in the hearts of major computer-based programs, thereby enabling much-desired continuity and capabilities that can produce smart solutions, and drive growth in all sectors, for a better return on investment.

Server Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is made for transforming servers, creating widespread inbuilt capacity to handle the highest magnitude of requests, thereby preventing shutdowns, and accelerating subsequent pace to process data sets, by optimizing mechanisms for and real-time access, while aiding to achieve better customer service, that is reliable, fast and fast.

Artificial Intelligence is made for transforming servers, creating widespread inbuilt capacity to handle the highest magnitude of requests, thereby preventing shutdowns, and accelerating subsequent pace to process data sets, by optimizing mechanisms for and real-time access, while aiding to achieve better customer service, that is reliable, fast and fast.


Technologies have portended the means to change the way we think, analyze subjects, and envision products and services, that can elevate our general states of affairs. Artificial Intelligence helps redefine Robotic concepts, logical aspects,  and behavioral scopes, in other to facilitate grasping of advanced instructions, code of conducts, improve interactivity, with astuteness to evolve through self-learning, and make personal decisions, or take accurately cloud computed digital-based directions, for its designed purposes.

Visual Data and Visualization

People suffering from broadly categorized visual impairments are in luck, considering how artificial intelligence is rapidly dominating many fields in the creation of visual aid programs, and the design-related platforms for end-users, who can now comprehend complex visual analytics, by connecting with Artificial Intelligence interfaces, that ensure a better data structuring work experience, that is achieved in a timely fashion.

Self-Modifying Program

Latest efforts to design machines that can replace skilled and other laborers are obtainable with those that can replicate the cognitive abilities of the human brain, which holds great potentials for every sector concerned. But this is ideally for those computer-programmed ones that are fully automated with artificial intelligence, giving rise to a performance that would incorporate self-learning, language processing, perception, and the know-how to move, and manipulate objects.

With this in mind, the arduous need to always reprogram and upgrade such machines, would not be necessary.

Image Recognition

The ability of computer programs to recognize the overall features of any object, and identify it’s its name, origin, properties, including its periocular category, is a fascinating concept that Artificial Intelligence helps initiates, especially tech giants, who broadly make use of this ability, within their image databases, to facilitate optimum security, against users who indulge in illegal usage of photos, transfer, or manipulation of patented properties.

Speech and Language Processing

We once had toys that can say, ‘Hi, my name is Tommy, or, “How are you?”  and other related greetings. But as it stands, these are meant to be responses, to ready-made instructive programs, that were designed to show emotion or human feelings, in a bid to gain empathy from mums who obviously want their kids to have some sort of companions, during and outside their presence. This is the good news is, artificial intelligence can build concerned areas of knowledge representation, reasoning, and planning, advanced polyhedral techniques that can give verisimilitude to those qualities, to come alive, for complete and original human interaction, that can last a lifetime — even when the kids become adults. This is because Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, ensure self-modification of speech and language processing of computer systems, for a humanoid personality that is second to none.

Marketing Programs

There are now quite a ton of artificially created software out there, that can compete toe to toe with vastly documented techniques of professional marketing managers, and other content strategists, even though such computer programs may stumble on unknown inadequacies, and spawn few errors. But frantic efforts are underway, and artificial intelligence will put the future right before brands who are looking to manage time, efforts and cut down on costs, spent on marketing campaigns, in due course, for a complete package, that offers empathy, and a clear description of products and services, with no fluff, to generate conversions, through customers and prospects’ patronage.

Data Mining

The notion of big data portends even greater capabilities, for those whose vocations lie in gaining access to large of data sets, working with patterns, or identifying modifications, or tracking down certain errors, in order to accomplish their objectives. Without Artificial Intelligence, this concept would be mon-symbolic and shallow to bypass, due to unfavorable structural representations.

Cloud Computing

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with intelligent behavior, which includes areas such as knowledge representation, reasoning, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, and the ability to move and manipulate objects. This book focuses on computer engineering approaches for artificial intelligence as applied in intelligent systems using non-symbolic techniques. In addition, polyhedral analysis plays an important role as a mathematical framework.