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6 Virtual Team-Building Activities for Remote Employees During covid-19

6 Virtual Team-Building Activities for Remote Employees During covid-19

With the extensive fight with Coronavirus & a lot of negativism pouring in from the news channels and surroundings, the struggle to remain productive and give the best shot towards work has become a major challenge. The struggle is real for both the employee as well as the employer.

The prominence of no physical contact and social distancing has made people believe that they’re alone and made them lose connection with the outer world. In these difficult times, it is important for organizations to make them feel connected, trusted, and cared for.

Virtual team building activities have, thus, become an integral part of employee engagement during the time of remote operations. It is definitely a task and requires an effort from both parties in order to make it a success. These activities enthrall a beam of enthusiasm making everyone feel like a part of a circle, help build trust and meaningful relationships through team bonding. This makes them feel valued and appreciated.

However, these bond-building activities have to be thoughtfully designed and well-crafted in order to make it successful. Some of the tips for making this possible are as follow:


  1. Make Time for Small talk

Try to emphasize more human interaction. It could be catching up over short calls, regular emails, talking about the well-being during review calls, etc.

  1. Trigger casual discussions before/after a meeting

Before the start or ends of the serious conversation, save 5-10 minutes for random conversation. Encourage employees to spill their emotions & share about their day-to-day whereabouts.

  1. Regular Well-Being Survey: through Chatbots

To understand the overall well-being of employees during the outbreak, you can use chatbots to engage them into humanized conversations which will eventually help the organizations understand their concerns so as to be able to help them in making the situation better.

  1. Virtual coffee/tea breaks

Companies can also initiate virtual coffee/tea breaks for the employees where they give employees some time to chit-chat and relax. This also gives them some time to escape from the ‘work from home’ routine and encourage team bonding.

  1. Team Quizzes

One can also organize quick team quizzes on general stuff, in order to foster team bonding and trust. This brings back the zeal and might give them a chance to appreciate team spirit.

  1. A slack/ WhatsApp channel for sharing new experiences every day

This norm is new, this has never happened before. Thus, employees might be facing situations that they never might have experienced in their lives and they would want to share it with their colleagues and friends. Organizations can also create channels where people can share their everyday learnings, stories, and pictures. It could serve as a great activity to connect with people, trigger conversations, and inspire each other.