5 must AI tools a company can use to ease out the workflow of the employees during Covid-19 - Xane AI
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5 must AI tools a company can use to ease out the workflow of the employees during Covid-19

5 must AI tools a company can use to ease out the workflow of the employees during Covid-19

Blog by Tuhin Adak

The ever-increasing threat of coronavirus has changed a lot in our daily life – our activities and habits. Work-from-home is the new norm, and even students attend classes and learning sessions online. With the help of artificial intelligence, much new software has been developed to ease the flow of work while we stay at home and work.

The COVID pandemic has made us stuck at home, but businesses cannot be allowed to suffer. The flow of work has to be as efficient as you would expect on a normal office day. As businesses and companies across the globe adapt to the ‘new norm’, they face many challenges, which can be easily overcome by applying AI. Let us look into a few see how AI can be used to simplify the flow of work in such trying times.

1. Prioritizing Sales Performance

With The coronavirus hitting almost every industry, it has become pretty difficult to manage sales at a consistent pace. As such, AI-powered sales performance solutions like propensity models can be very helpful. By predicting and understanding customer needs and preferences, companies and businesses can focus on particular products and services and develop better marketing strategies.

Interpersonal interaction has been replaced by digital interaction for most companies. With work-from-home being the new norm, people have started ordering goods and services online. This pattern is being seen across every field, and it is creating a lot of raw, unstructured data. AI solutions come in handy, as they can be trained to cut through irrelevant data and bring out what matters – consumers’ needs and preferences.

2. Verification of Data and Documents

Dr. Terence Tse, associate professor of finance at ESCP Business School believes that AI can revolutionize the process of verifying data and documents. Many places like airports, banks, docks, and ports among others need to properly verify the identity of travelers and customers to reduce chances of fraud and security breaches.

Done manually, such tasks may take a lot of time and manpower. AI can step up the efficiency and use technology for verification. Using AI for comparing pictures in ID to a person would become easier and result in faster processing.

One such company that can help you do that is Xane AI.

3. Managing Supply Chains to Meet Consumer Demands

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has become difficult for companies to matching supply and demand, which is one of the most important factors for getting over the current economic crisis. With more external data available for analysis, AI can use it to match up to what their supply chains can produce. This way, production can be controlled, to not leave unfulfilled demand.

4. Back Office Task

Data entry, data analysis, record management and maintenance, support, and other back-office tasks are of vital importance for a company or an organization. AI-powered cognitive assistants can be used to carry out out several of these tasks easily.
Furthermore, whenever cognitive assistants are unable to carry out a particular task, it is often done manually. Combined with machine learning, this process can be very helpful in taking care of various back-office services. Many companies believe that using such technologies can help free up people and do ‘more creative, less structured work’.

5. Medical Support

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about unprecedented and unforeseen problems for medical personnel. AI-powered health tech has been used extensively to answer minor questions related to health problems.
Doctor link is a good example, which provides online doctor’s appointments and also provides medically endorsed diagnostics for ailments. It is like a chatbot, which can understand common terms and translate them to medical terminology to determine the main cause of the pain.

Some Important AI Tools

Let us look into a few software tools that can help companies pick up the pace of their work and function efficiently even during trying times like these. Let us see how these apps and software have helped companies a lot and why you should use them if you already haven’t.

Google Workplace

The suite of applications offered by Google Workplace helps a lot in remote working. Besides connecting with colleagues and team members regarding projects or other topics, you can also work using the applications provided. Daily use applications like presentation, spreadsheet, jam board, and document management among many others can be of immense help. Besides, Google Calendar can be very helpful in keeping a note of your daily tasks and schedule.

The ServiceNow platform advertises to be ‘The platform of platforms’ for digitizing your workflow. This service helps companies optimize productivity, cost, and resilience. The software integration can be used to understand the needs of employees and help them as best as possible. Easy inter-departmental communication can help support customer problems and queries with little wait and redefine the customer experience.


Atlassian offers free access to cloud products for issue-tracking and project-tracking software including Jira and Confluence. Free access to Trello Business Class for organizing your plans can help you in managing your project timeline with your team.


Birdeye lets you communicate with your customers through mediums like emails, text messages, bulk text, and web messages. By giving you access to a varied list of potential customers, Birdeye helps you develop sound sales and business strategies to help your company. Birdeye is the most efficient tool to maintain your online presence and reputation in the market.


Cisco offers a great AI-powered security service for your websites and applications. Other security tools and VPN services are available to help teams work together and collaborate, even when separated by large distances. Further, Cisco Webex is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, which has grown in popularity following the COVID-19 situation. Most of the software offered by Cisco can be used for free for a limited number of members in a team.

Security offerings by Cisco are well known all over the world and used extensively by businesses and organizations to maintain their and their client’s integrity.

With these AI-powered tools, work is sure to get easier to handle and manage, even from your home. These applications and tools make work easy and structured and are a great resource for working during such trying times.